Top 10 Action Camera Body Mount in 2022

action camera body mount

If you’re looking to film the best action shots while making sure that you don’t get injured. Then your best bet would be to get yourself an action camera body mount.

Not only you’ll be able to focus more on the activity you’re performing such as riding a bike. You would also be able to record great videos from the best angles possible.

The great thing about using these body mounts is that they will give your audience the best point of view which will make sure that they stay engaged while watching your videos. Just like an action camera flashlight, it is one of the action camera accessories that you should definitely have.

Below are the best ways you can mount an action camera to your body in 2022 for the best angle.

1. Helmet Mount

Most sports that are considered extreme such as mountain boarding and skiing make it mandatory to wear helmets.

Helmet mount
Credits: GoPro

In such sports where you are wearing a helmet, there’s no better area that can provide a better angle than from the top of the head. The advantage of using a helmet mount is that your audience will see whatever you’ll see. This helps them to stay engaged more and enjoy the action in a more fun way.

Not only this, but the helmet mount also provides the flexibility to change the position of where you want to place the camera on the helmet. You can use the front-facing mount, chin mount, top mound, or side mount.

2. Head Strap Mount

In some situations, you might be wearing a helmet but in other you might not. Therefore, if you’re not wearing a helmet but want to record the video the head point of view then you can use a head strap mount.

Head strap mount
Credits: GoPro

The great thing about head strap mounts is that they are adjustable so you can fit and secure them in a way in which you feel comfortable.

3. Chest mount

If you want more stability of the camera while performing then chest is the best area to record the video from. It is quite secure and the frames are less shaky if you compare it with a head or helmet mount. So, the video will be better recorded.

Credits: GoPro

The problem with the chest mount is that it’s in a position where your arms tend to come in front of the camera which blocks the view. Therefore, it might suitable for activities such as running but for other activity as skateboarding it is not the right choice.

Moreover, sports in which you might need to wear thick clothing such as skiing in the mountains, the harness would be quite difficult to put on. 

The chest mount provides great stability and less shakiness but is not meant for all situations.

4. Bite mount

As the name suggests, a bite mount is where you will bite on the mount to carry the camera. This mount gives a great first-person perspective and has an easy learning curve.

Credits: GoPro

This type of mount is usually used while surfing. Surfers also have a board mount but a bite mount provides a much better view since it captures a more exciting angle.

It is possible to breathe through your mouth but it produces a sound which needs to be edited later on.

5. Mask mount

A mask mount is popular choice among scuba divers. Similar to head strap mount, the mask mount provides a first person POV.

Credits: Octomask

When diving deep, you have a lot of equipment on your such as oxygen tank on your back. Mask mount then becomes a perfect place to mount the camera because firstly its secure and secondly, it provides the best POV angle.

6. Shoulder Mount

As we discussed before that even though chest mount provides a very secure and stable mount, the problem with that is there is a good chance your arms might block the view of the camera on certain occasions.

Credits: Stuntman

On the other hand, a shoulder mount would provide the same stability but it would eliminate the chance of your arms blocking the camera view. Just like camera mount, a shoulder mount has a strapping harness that goes around your waist and shoulder.

Anyone, who performs his activity will keeping their shoulders straight can use this mount but others such as snowboarders won’t benefit much from this type of mount.

7. Backpack Mount

Mounting your action camera to a backpack is an excellent way of capturing all those exciting moments on film. You can change perspectives depending on where you attach it, either through chest or shoulder mounts, and by using two straps rather than just one makes sure that there won’t be any interruptions while filming!

Credits: Gyxjb

Documentary filmmakers will love this option because they get better audio quality when recording behind themselves since mic clips provide enough isolation from external noise sources.

Moreover, you don’t have a tightly strapped harness around your torso which could be constricting.

8. The Wrist Mount

Wearing an action camera on your wrist is the perfect way to have all of its features at arm’s length. You can adjust settings while filming without having any trouble accessing them or getting distracted by other things, because it will always be right where you need it.

Credits: GoPro

Wrist mounts allow the user to direct and position their camera in any way they wish, making them perfect for taking selfies. They also come with a rotating platform that can be turned into an overhead view when needed.

9. The Magnetic Mount

Action cameras are great for capturing all your adventures, but if you want to get the best shots possible and have an armload of equipment with you at once then consider grabbing one that can be mounted on anything from clothing or bags.

Credits: Pellking

Magnetic mounts work like magic when attached near metal objects such as cars because they make sure there isn’t any risk involved in coming unmounted during intense moments.

10. The Finger Grip Mount

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to take a photo and having your camera slip out of reach. The finger grip mount fixes this by making sure you stay vigilant at all times while shooting, so there are no accidents!

Credits: Sony

With its secure design that allows for easy aiming with just one hand or two if need be (depending on how much space between subjects), these mounts will help make sure every shot goes smoothly without any unexpected surprises along the way.


Action cameras are a great way to capture your sport or activities, but it can be difficult choosing which action camera body mount is right for you.

The type of sport/activity should heavily influence what kind of mounting system best suits the needs at hand.

However other factors like angle-of view and budget also come into play when making this decision! If money isn’t an issue then I recommend buying one high quality mount instead than multiple cheaper ones.

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